Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Trying to instill democracy is "cynical nonsense"?!?!

This one makes my blood boil. It starts out with a crazy statement saying the 'human race' would vote for John Kerry. It pines for the day where the whole World could vote for the US President. If they could, it follows way more than 50% would prefer to not have Bush. Well, that is an easy one, of course, count China for a good billion, add all the Islam-dominated countries and you probably have another billion. We know Europe would be another couple hundred million. Thankfully, they don't get to vote.

We in the Unites States have this apparently crazy notion you have to actually be a US Citizen to vote for the US President. Something about being able to choose your own leader I guess is what mucks it up for the author. He appears to feel everyone else should be able to pick OUR leader (in addition, I imagine, to picking their own).

But, the kicker is the part at the end saying if Iraq isn't perfect in the fall, that the:

"White House talk about installing democracy in the Middle East is exposed as cynical nonsense"

Is so ridiculous it boggles the mind. Now, maybe we won't succeed, but, is trying to instill democracy cynical? Does the author know the defnition of the word? It could turn out to be overly 'optimistic', but, it seems to me it would be cynical to have NOT tried it. Perhaps the author should have written "if Iraqi democracy fails, it will prove the Left was correct in being cynical".

Why do so so few feel that this is a struggle worth fighting for?


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