Monday, April 05, 2004

Guess saying your sorry isn't enough...

Spain appeased the terrorists, voted out the part that was tough on terror, got the new leader to apologize, and promise to remove the troops from Iraq. Surely, that should be enough of an olive branch from Spain? Hmm, now what can they do? Guess they want a return to Muslim Spain. Perhaps the Spanairds should go for it. Encarta seems to say it was almost a golden age:

"Spain was wealthy and sophisticated under Islamic rule. Mediterranean trade and cultural exchange flourished. Muslims imported a rich intellectual tradition from the Middle East and North Africa, including knowledge about mathematics, science, and philosophy, and they continued to build upon it in Spain. ...Outside the cities the mixture of large estates and small farms that existed in Roman times remained largely intact, because Muslim leaders rarely dispossessed landowners. The Muslim conquerors were relatively few in number and they generally tried to maintain good relations with their subjects."

Maybe that is the secret! Let's let the terrorists conquer us and then they will try to maintain good relations with us. Since we will be their loyal subjects. We can take that route...or the crazy one, which is fight back and kill them.


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