Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Will the real 'Shady Seven' please stand up?

This has made the rounds of the blogosphere for the past few days, but, I resisted posting it until I could feel comfortable someone had gotten to the bottom of it.  I think someone has.

So, first, read this, and see how scared you might feel if it were you on that flight and how you feel the author reacted.  I know I felt she was justified in being scared.  Now, read this, and you can let your pulse come back to normal.  But, still, can't people be at least somewhat aware of their actions and have some compassion?  Yes, you are innocent until proven guilty, but, why do so many people insist on acting guilty?  They can't NOT realize they are making people feel uncomfortable.

I can see someone forcing the issue and making people confront their biases with something like interracial relationships or homosexuality.  But, why do it when people could fear for their lives?  I just don't get it.  In the above case, I just can't by the men had no idea they were scaring people.  Especially, since these guys are musicians.  It is part of the job of live performers to pay attention to their audience and see how they are being received.  Forcing people to feel scared can leave you dead.  Just because you may have done nothing wrong and be fully in the right, you will still be dead. 


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