Friday, December 17, 2004

Why the UN is useless...

Read this and you have all you need to know.

UN sponsors ceremony for dedication of new homes for people (displaced by those evil Israelis, of course). Kids all around with flowers, looking oh so peaceful. But, wait, look who's coming to dinner? Could it be a bunch of terrorists? Not to worry, the UN is powerful and can solve anything, they won't let those thugs take over. However, in a shocking twist, right out of an M.N.S. movie, it turns out the UN can't get the terrorists to leave. Why, you ask?

Of course I don't condone it, but it's a fact of life," UNRWA head Peter Hansen told The Associated Press, referring to the violation of the no-arms rule. "Look around the camp. We can't stop it — we don't have guns."

I thought guns weren't needed? It was talks, and discourse, and resolutions, and programs, and ceremonies, and, and, and....


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