Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Rapists are bad!...Unless you work for a Congressperson in Marin

This story should be getting a lot of traction in the media, but, it isn't. Commonsense&Wonder picked up on it last week.

It is about Rep. Lynn Woolsey's appeal for leniency on behalf of a convicted rapist who happened to work for her. The best of her quotes are:

"Stewart Pearson is a young man from a supportive family. I believe he has a promising life ahead of him"


"Obviously, in my eyes he is not a criminal,"

Now, Jonah has it mentioned in the Corner. He links to the story where she backpedals. I can't even imagine the firestorm that would erupt if this was from a male Republican Member of Congress.

This is the same Woolsey, who has endoresed Kucinich for reasons including his women's rights positions.

The same Woolsey who is 'appalled' at the level of underreporting of violence against women.

The same Woolsey who has supported the Women's Caucus policy agenda.

But, maybe we shouldn't be so surprised after all at her actions. She also is the same Woolsey who thinks we could learn from Saudi Arabia about how to treat women.

The GOP would want to put people who commit crimes like this in jail forever, or even better, kill them. But, they are the ones portrayed at the ones who are keeping women down. Yet, people like Woolsey are held up on a pedestal as defenders of the fairer sex. Go figure.


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