Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Next up, unborn babies get 1/32 of a vote!

This is a wacky idea. 16 year olds get 1/2 a vote and 14 year olds get 1/4 vote? Can you imagine the kinds of things they would vote for? Playstation2 to be the Official Language of California! MTV to be granted ownership of all media! Curfews by parents to be made unconstitutional! New minimum allowance wage. All kids must have a 'living allowance'. Forgetting how crazy this is, how would the sponsors plan to handle the part about where a parent has legal rights over their kids until they are 18? Can the parent REQUIRE the child to vote a certain way? Tha sounds like a real good plan. Glad the Democrats in California are using their combined brainpower to think of things like this. Hmm...can't figure out how we got into the budget problem we are in.....


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