Friday, September 24, 2004

Who the heck are these 'Some' people?...

And why to they whine so much? Is it just me who has a knee jerk reaction to the term "Some criticized..."? It seems to be so oft-used, but, rarely has any actual data or examples to back it up. It is as if it is thrown out there to put a spin on the story. Most of the time it is a spin that makes the Right look bad, or uncaring.

A quick Google News search of the term "Some criticized" turns up many recent examples..

About the destruction in Haiti:
The U.S. government has said it would provide more than $2 million — an increase from $60,000 that some criticized for its paucity.

On taxes in Texas:
"Some criticized commissioners for not considering a tax-rate increase."

On dealing with teens too harshly:
"Some criticized a scenario in which the mother of a 14-year-old girl wanted to send her daughter's 17-year-old boyfriend to jail after the teens had consensual sex."

On same-sex marriage:
"Some criticized the proposed amendment as an expression of intolerance."

On after-school funding:
"Some criticized the district for not allocating all the money last year."

On new dress codes of businesses:
"But some criticized the new dress code as overly expensive to workers, especially coming just after Target sold off its Marshall Field's stores, where Target employees could get a discount." Got to love the extra bonus dig at the evil capitalists for selling part of their business! Heaven forbid they engage in commerce!

On Bill Cosby:
"Some criticized Cosby for fueling negative racial stereotypes and giving credence to conservative beliefs that the problems facing African Americans are self-imposed."

On using 9/11 images in ads:
"While some criticized the ads, others who lost family in the attacks defended them as an appropriate reminder of how the president responded to the attacks."

On cuts to bus routes:
"Some criticized federal spending priorities, from the war in Iraq to space exploration." Oooh, have to slip in a little anti-Iraq jab!

On funding anti-flood projects in China (Even in China they are afflicted with the 'Some criticized' fad):
"Some criticized the timing of the move as either too early or too late." That is journalism? 'Either too early or too late'? It is like an account of Goldilocks. "While Goldilocks finally offered the bears some porridge, some criticized it as being too hot or too cold."

I could go on, but, I think you get the point. 'Some' is such a vague term, and as such, is easily thrown out to get an emotional reaction from the readers. The authors seems to know that it is almost impossible to be 'proven' inaccurate.

But, 'some' of us know better...


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