Thursday, January 06, 2005

How low can these people go?

This guy is so far gone it is difficult to comprehend his analogies. He actually thinks Tsunamis are misunderstood, and really aren't bad at all..

"Tsunamis usually kill quickly by drowning and rarely severely injure people."

I am sure the thousands of injured people are feeling comforted by this...

"Earthquakes may have aftershocks, but tsunamis do not return to attack their original victims or to attack rescuers or resisters of their destruction."

As long as you don't count the countless people who were swept away in the second tidal wave, after they had gone out to search for their loved ones after the first one receded...

"Tsunamis do not break in doors in the middle of the night in order to detain, arrest, and confine innocent people for weeks, months or even years. Tsunamis do not detain people for lifetimes as the U.S. military leadership is attempting to do. Tsunamis do not torture people with focused technology in order to "break them" or cause them to divulge information which may not even be in the possession of the victim."

I am sure the people of Asia are soooo glad tsunamis instead attack in the brightness of daylight, while they are out on the beach, so as to die sooner, than perhaps survive if they were sleeping on the 2nd floor of their home...

"Tsunamis can result in physical renewal,"

yeah, all those people who lost their spouses can now go out and find new mates!...woo hoo!, freedom to rejoin the singles scene!...and countless people are now freed from the confines of having to care for children, to say nothing about all the children who, now liberated from the life of having parents are able to 'renew' themselves with their newfound emancipation!

"Tsunamis are unavoidable by human effort."

Maybe so, but, I am sure the people of Asia sure with some 'human effort' had been put into an early-warning system, and would have been OK if technology had saved lives because of it...


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