Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The difference between us and them...

Nothing else is needed to see which side is the correct one and which is the morally bankrupt one, teeming with barbarians that deserved to be wiped off this Earth.

How we use dogs: (a.k.a to save lives)

"At a checkpoint leading to the U.S.-protected Green Zone, Gordy stands sentry. The affable Belgian Malinois has a nose finely tuned to detect the nitrates, plastic explosives, gunpowder and detonation cords that suicide bombers use to blow up people."

How the demented followers of the Cult of Death use dogs: (a.k.a. to snuff out lives)

"On a barren stretch of road in northern Iraq, a dog rigged with explosives approaches a group of Iraqi police officers. Detonated by remote control, the bomb tears the dog apart but doesn't harm the cops."


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