Monday, August 15, 2005

Urban decline...

Seems that Detroit has become the poster-child for it. I knew it was bad, just not THIS bad.

"Detroit has lost more than half its population since its heyday in the 1950's."

"The fleeing businesses and homeowners left behind about 36 square miles ... of vacant land. That's roughly the size of San Francisco and about a quarter of Detroit's total land mass."

In his state of the city address, embattled mayor Kwame Kilpatrick said even if 10,000 new homes were built every year for the next 15 years "we wouldn't fill up our city."

"And Detroit is still losing about 10,000 people every year."

On the good side...The City of Detroit doesn't believe the hype and is ever optimistic!

See its home page... "Detroit is Growing!" it proclaims...


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