Thursday, March 11, 2004

I am sure this will go down as simply "3/11" in Spanish history....

If the ETA really did this, I Have to suspect they will be soon renamed DOA. Can't imagine any problems for Aznar going in and flat out annihilating any of those terrorists. I know the more PC terms like "separatists" or "commandos" is preferred, but, I am not PC. ETA is claiming it was not them, who cares, they deserve to go down regardless. They and Al-Qaeda are in bed anyway. If you do the math, Spain w/ about 40M people and the US w/ about 300M, means we have 7.5x as many residents. Well, the current death toll of almost 200 x 7.5 is 1500! That is half the proportionate size of the WTC attack. That is huge. Would the response of the US been any different if only one of the towers had fallen and 'only' 1500 people were killed? No. Aznar has been given the green light now by any legitimate moral standard to slaughter those murderous scum. Get to it, Mr. Prime Minister. Best of luck.


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