Thursday, May 06, 2004

This is why George W. Bush will win in November...

Or at least it is why I think he will win. I just think that overall, people prefer to have someone they think actually cares or is real. Maybe that is me projecting what I want, but, my hunch is that it will prove to be true for the Nation as a whole in 6 months. The people who hate Bush are going to vote against him no doubt. But, the candidate the Democrats have chosen is so incredibly un-inspiring, he can't win over those swing voters. Bush has had a terrible week with the Prison-gate fiasco, and, yet Kerry can't really get any traction that is going to help him get votes and win states he needs to. 6 months ago I thought Bush was unbeatable, and now I still think he will win, but, only due to the terrible candidate that is running against him. Kerry is just not likable, and Bush is. This may have turned into a photo op, but, it wasn't done as a photo op. End of story.


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