Thursday, August 18, 2005

How do these people keep a straight face?!

When they write stuff like this?

Is it impossible for some writers to hide their bias? Do they HAVE to insert their anti-Bush slant into every breathing moment of their life? I think they need to see a doctor.

This is a story in Newsweek talking about China's slowing economy, which has been signalled by declining demand for oil, etc.

Even though things are cooling off, it is those wonderful Communists who are to be commended:

"Still, the sense is that China is making the right moves. Contrast, for example, China's apparently effective effort to reduce oil demand to the Bush administration's newly passed energy policy, which has done nothing to reduce U.S. demand. Consider, too, the contrasting approach to housing bubbles, which continue to loom in the United States as Washington watches from the laissez-faire sidelines, but are already shrinking in China, as Beijing slaps on rules to restrain lending and speculation. It's conceivable that if these trends end badly for the United States but well for China, other nations will begin looking more closely to Beijing-style state controls as a model."

Damn America, relying on market forces again. If they would only be so elightened as to use those well-proven state-controlled methods that Communism dictates they'd be better off.

I don't know whether to cry or laugh at the absurdity of that paragraph. I could vent about every sentence. Probably, my favorite is the 'lack of results' from Bush's energy policy. It has been a law for almost a whole week! Why aren't there results!?

And they wonder why readership is dropping...


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