Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Note to self:

Don't "run crazily through the aisle" in an airplane, claiming to have a bomb in my carry-on bag. Also, remember that when air marshals (or any LEO) "asks" you to get on the ground, it really isn't a request in the sense most things are asked. It really is more of an order. If you defy said order, anything that happens after that is...and remember this ...ALL...YOUR...FAULT.

This Darwin award wannabee thought the answer to the "request" was to reach for the carry-on bag that he had claimed had a bomb. Wrong answer. He now has the distinction of sharing his death day with the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack.

I am sorry if it turns out as his wife said, that he simply is "bipolar" and he had not "taken his medication". Too F-in bad. We just can't take those chances...not now. Pre-9/11 I would have supported deadly force...but, after?...well, it is a layup.

I hope the wife is feeling the proper responsibility in this fiasco. She is the loved one most entrusted to care for her husband and she KNOWINGLY let him get on a plane with his untreated bipolar condition.


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