Monday, March 15, 2004

Not sure I could have been any more wrong. So very sad...

Rather than rise up and want to make the murderers pay, it appears Spain has put its tail between its legs and walked away. Their electorate seems to have voted that appeasement is the way to go, and that they are sorry they went w/ the US and took a stand against evil. "Please forgive us" they might as well be saying.

Ironic the supposed non-link of Al-Qaeda and Iraq has made the Spainards think Al-Qaeda is paying them back for Iraq. "We had nothing to do with w/ Saddam and how dare you link us to him!" Was Saddam so evil that Al-Qaeda was mad at being associated with him? That is obviously the more likely scenario to the Spanish voters, than the crazy idea the US pushed that Iraq and Saddam WAS interconnected w/ terrorism.

Anyway, thanks to Little Green Footballs for the following link. You've got a couple days to make it to the next Religion of Peace conference in London.


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