Monday, June 21, 2004

Interesting account from inside Saudi Arabia...

I wish ALL of the media would go through an experience like Greg LaMotte just did. He seems to have had quite an eye-opening experience while in Riyadh.

It began when he was at the airport:

"Within seconds of getting into the car, my driver, who was from the Philippines, asked if I was an American. When I told him yes, he said this made him very nervous."

Then when he was at the hotel asking for information from the concierge:

"I asked the hotel concierge to suggest a good place to start, he urged that I not venture out on my own, saying it was very unsafe for Americans to be seen anywhere in public. He also indicated I would not be able to find a taxi driver willing to be seen in public with me."

He expresses this thought in the end:

"Never before have I been in a city, including Baghdad, where Americans were too afraid to be seen in public and local residents were equally afraid to be seen with them."

He even seems to express some of the anger so many of us do (WITHOUT having to actually experience it):

"I came to realize that I, like so many others around the world, had become a victim of terrorism."

Hmmm...nice thought, maybe the kind of observation that would make it obvious that we ARE in a war against evil?


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