Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Let's blame Reagan for missed deadlines!

This is a nice headline: "Reagan's death makes state budget deadline slip" The opening paragraph seems to be written by someone who just can't resist blaming Reagan for something one last time.

The death of former president Ronald Reagan is expected to further stymie efforts for the Legislature to pass a budget by its constitutional deadline, which is just one week from today.

Forget that if losing ONE day makes you miss an ANNUAL deadline you haven't planned your time well (do they finish AHEAD of schedule one day every four years during a Leap Year?). But, even so, if, due to the unexpected day off, the deliverable slipped one day, I could understand that. But, we then find out that:

"We'll still find a way to get a budget passed by June 30"

So, one day off causes a 15 day delay? Is the whole staff going to need that long to recover? No, as we soon see:

"but a June 15 agreement was unlikely anyway because of disagreements over how to close a $15 billion budget gap."

Oh, so, the deadline wasn't going to be made anyway, but, might be one more day later, but, let's try and spin the story to make it seem that is is all Reagan's fault.


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