Thursday, July 29, 2004

Wow! Maybe there IS hope for those Bush-haters..

Tom Junod from Esquire has a very interesting read. It is long, but, worth it. Essentially, he is saying that as much as he hates to admit it, Bush might be right, and that even though he might not like the guy, we DO have something more important than everything else in front of us. I said as much when I bashed Bush for even letting stupid things get in the way of his message. I say it again, ALL OTHER ISSUES ARE TIED FOR A VERY DISTANT 2ND.

He gets exactly that:

"We were attacked three years ago, without warning or predicate event. The attack was not a gesture of heroic resistance nor the offshoot of some bright utopian resolve, but the very flower of a movement that delights in the potential for martyrdom expressed in the squalls of the newly born. It is a movement that is about death—that honors death, that loves death, that fetishizes death, that worships death, that seeks to accomplish death wherever it can, on a scale both intimate and global—and if it does not warrant the expenditure of what the self-important have taken to calling "blood and treasure," then what does? Slavery? Fascism? Genocide? Let's not flatter ourselves: If we do not find it within ourselves to identify the terrorism inspired by radical Islam as an unequivocal evil—and to pronounce ourselves morally superior to it—then we have lost the ability to identify any evil at all, and our democracy is not only diminished, it dissolves into the meaninglessness of privilege."

I wish more Bush-haters could see the same thing. I did, I never liked Blair.


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