Friday, August 06, 2004

Top Notch Rant...Read and Bookmark...

Mike at Cold Fury has written what so many of us that 'get it' wish someone in the Administration would actually give one day. They won't of course, but, sooooo nice to dream sometimes.

How beautiful would it be to hear this?:

“You bitch about how awful corporate corruption is, and can’t be bothered with reporting on a UN oil-for-bribes scandal that makes the gang at Enron look like a bunch of half-assed pikers, like kids toilet-papering a suburban lawn on Halloween. You talk about how the Bush admin calls its opponents “unAmerican”—not bothering at all with the fact that we’ve never actually done it—but when your choice for future first lady does precisely that, you get pissed off because an actual journalist has the audacity to ask her for a clarification."

Read it all here. via Rachel Lucas.


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